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Adlerian Psychology - Community Building & Wholeness

The Indivisible Self & Wellness

Alfred Adler: The man, the movement and his Individual Psychology.

Discover the underlying methods for human development, social justice, and social equality within the workplace.

Business & Organizations

In the working environment, relations among people can be far more complex than in other spheres of human life.

Discover the ideas and methods of Individual Psychology useful in the workplace.

Singled Out: Social Rejection & Ostracism

Social rejection and ostracism are emerging as powerful psychological factors that shape human behaviour.

Discover the impact on the organization and an experiment that made everyone involved, including the ones doing the ostracizing.

Anti-Racism Publications

What White Looks Like

African American Philosophers on The Whiteness Question.

A dedication to the eradication of White Supremacy.

Literature all of humanity should read.

White Self-Criticality Beyond Anti-Racism

An interdisciplinary projects that centers upon the concept of race, a concept that continues to have very profound contemporary implications. 

A collection of multiple perspectives: sociopolitical, feminist, existential, phenomenological, theological, and historical.

Welcome To The Jungle

Kobena Mercer, outlines and bravely articulates the struggle with identity and diversity that stem from Black Cultural Studies. 

Mercer clearly outlines difference and division that often haults progress.

Belonging-First Publications

Unrealized Growth: Upgrading The Future To Include Human Capital & Belonging

In the first of three Whitepaper publications, Andrea Carter, outlines the growth potential in an industry that is on the verge of mass shrinkage. 

Developing the next generation of workers and leaders depends on the actions taken today. 

Workplace Bullying & Employee Silence

Workplace relationships, especially with coworkers and colleagues, constitute a major resource pool for employees and are found to be pivotal in determining employees’ reactions to workplace events.

This study, aims to examine the buffering effects of workplace friendships on bullying and employee silence.

Belonging: 5 Key Indicators & Behaviours

The second of three Whitepaper publications, Andrea Carter, outlines the specific key belonging indicators, the belonging-first correlating behaviours.

Key research on breaking employee silence and group think, while increasing happiness and positive workplace culture.

Dec 17, 2021 release date.

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